How to Build a Keychain Blackjack (Self Defense for Women from Rape and Assault)

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Ever felt unsafe while walking to your car or maybe out walking or jogging? Fortunately for your protection our government has outlawed most types of self defense tools you could carry. Many would say that self defense training helps and granted it would benefit many women greatly, BUT go take a course in self defense and after having spent your money, time, and effort come back here and tell me do you feel much safer against a 200 pound man? Could this halt an attack? Well, here’s a carry along weapon you may wish to try.

Things You’ll Need:

* carabiner clip, d-ring, key clip (whatever you wish to call)
* string
* 5 or 6 oz fishing weight
* whistle (optional)
* a small quick link (optional)
* a knife or pair of scissors to cut the string

step 1)  Gather your materials together.

step 2)  Take the string and feed it through the fishing weight’s eye. Use multiple strands to assure it would hold up under much stress. I used six strands fed through. You can use fewer if you wish but it is not suggested.

step 3)  Attach the quick link if you are using one. if not using a quick link then tie the weight directly to your carabiner clip.

step 4)  Clip your link onto the carabiner if you used a link.

step 5)  Add you whistle and keys onto the carabiner clip. Now you can wear your keys on a belt loop or on your purse.

step 6)  Now when walking to your car remember to keep your keys in hand to open your car and if someone PHYSICALLY tries to assault you swing this toward their head. This will function as a blackjack meaning it is indeed illegal as a weapon but I’d like to know what kind of court system would consider this anything more than mere self defense.

# This tool could be covered with some decorative material to make it appear less like a weapon and more like a decoration of some sort, although the weight of the keys might suggest otherwise if someone holds them

# Do not flaunt it. If it may be illegal in your area you are calling attention to something otherwise mostly unnoticeable.

# DO NOT use this unless PHYSICALLY ATTACKED! self defense is one thing: Getting startled by a preacher who saw you dropped an item when leaving the store and knocking him unconscious or worse yet…well this is a whole other thing people!


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