Text Messaging Under the Influence

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Taking sleep medications have side effects.

The warning labels are posted on the prescription. “Do not drive or operate heavy machinery”, “This medication may cause Drowsiness” (Duh! Isn’t that the purpose?) The label missing is, “Do NOT send Text Messages After Taking This Medication”. Now you know where I’m going with this. You’re already feeling that little twinge of embarrassment forming in the hollow of your stomach, or maybe you’ve been the recipient of the text messages, and you start to feel a bit angry or aggravated. Please hold on and TAKE a few deep BREATHS! We all just need to find a way to react and recover relationships and dignity.

It’s already done. You can’t go back and undo what you have texted. You can claim amnesia, which is very true and factual. The person you’ve texted doesn’t buy your story and believes you’ve replied with malicious intent and are using the drug as an excuse to justify your instant text message. YOU know you weren’t sending some deep psychological cell phone message, you simply replied under the influence of meds and answered with a stupid or awkward answer.   Now’s the time to take action. Apply face powder to hide your scarlet color. Go ahead, get a big red “T” letter, tape it onto your shirt, because by now everyone knows you are “The TEXTER”. Reread what you wrote and start the editing process of healing your relationship. Call your friend, or family member. Ask forgiveness. You may need to contact your local bank and take out plenty of Benjamin’s, to offer in repentance. 

You’ve apolozied, explained,repented and asked forgiveness. You’ve offered bribes. Now all you can do is wait. Make your bedroom a cell phone free zone area. You may have to repeat these steps a few more times until you have sufficiently paid your penance. After you’ve been forgiven, don’t forget to send a ‘Thank-you’. This may be helpful for future possible amnesiacs episodes.

If you take sleep medicines be prepared for side effects.

You may cringe a few times remembering the incident, forgive yourself and remember someday this may be a funny story to tell.

Prepare yourself, this may NOT be a funny story later.

It’s done. You may have to evaluate whether you use sleeping medicines to mask real feelings


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