How to hand roll a cigarette

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In troubled times where our governments tax things immensely to dissuade us from using them to police our health until they actually just deprive us of personal freedoms cigarette costs can skyrocket! Ok, that was a long sentence but cigarettes aren’t cheap anymore. I am trying to quit and yes quitting can save money but in the meanwhile you can save money by rolling your own!

Step 1)  Take this serious: Rolling your tobacco is not that bad. In fact, if rolled properly you will not taste too much difference between your cigarettes and that of filtered store bought over-twice-as-expensive cigarettes.

Step 2)  Choose a tobacco. In this how-to I’ll be using Bugler, but I have, in the past, rolled Kite, Top, and even some pipe tobacco(NOT RECOMMENDED). Top, to me, seems the easiest to roll but I get more cigarettes out of Bugler. Kite is mentholated and ultimately a decent choice for menthol smokers.

Step 3)  Layout some tobacco on a piece of paper. Although, this step is not MANDATORY, it is suggested so that you can remove any small stems before they puncture your rolling paper and it is ruined! Glance over it and feel it with your hands and remove any hard pieces for disposal.

Step 4)  Take a rolling paper and fold about 1/8 of an inch up and crease it. The purpose in this is to let it have a bend for when you go to wrap the paper completely: It just makes things easier.

Step 5)  Holding your paper folded slightly by its original crease, fill it with tobacco. Try to make it as level as possible so that your cigarette end up even all around.

Step 6)  To roll we use, NOT just the tips of our fingers, but the whole surface of the fingerprint region. Just slowly roll the paper up and down with the middle of your fingers barely above where the tobacco sits to keep it inside.

Step 7)  Once we have rolled it SLIGHTLY tight we can use the crease we made to let the paper roll into a tube

Step 8)  Ensure the whole cigarette is wrapped into the tube except the adhesive and then lick the adhesive. After licking the adhesive to moisten it just roll your cigarette some more so that the adhesive makes contact with the rest of the paper.

Step 9)  This step is not necessary but is suggested. Pinch one end of your cigarette and tear off any tobacco hanging out of that end. Do not pull the tobacco out but rather break the tobacco at that spot(the very edge of your cigarette)! After throwing the broken off tobacco back into your bag tuck in the remaining tobacco using a pen or a key. It is best to tuck in some paper around it as shown in the photo. The reason is the it catches quite a bit of tar and collects there: Unless you want a nasty, bitter taste in your mouth then tuck it in 😉

# cigarette rolling is NOT the same as rolling marijuana. Cigarettes are best rolled somewhat tight. BUT…

# DO NOT roll your cigarette too tight so that it cannot be smoked. There IS a happy median between too tight and too loose: practice and you will find it!
# As you improve your rolling technique you will find that you can roll fatter cigarettes. This may be preferred because the thicker the diameter the smoother the flavor, oddly enough!
# Consider growing your own tobacco! I had bought some nicotiana seeds and they grew rather easy! Unfortunately I ignored them and never transplanted them from the confining pots they were in 🙁
# smoking can be hazardous to your health; it promotes cancer, emphysema, heart disease, for pregnant mother it can increase the likelihood of low birth weight in the child…BUT… As an adult you have the ability and right to make a conscious decision about whether or not you wish to risk this.


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