Success: Is it Truly Attainable?

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We hear the term thrown around as a whip, cracking viciously around our heads in a taunting, spurning manner. It’s our motivation. It’s the foundation of education. It’s the foundation of America, for heaven’s sake. Now tell me, what IS it? What is success? And don’t you DARE say money. We’re not in middle school anymore, let’s be real here and put ourselves in the shoes of the countless miserable billionaires. Is it family? Is it a house with a wife and a white picket fence? Let’s use that scenario. Imagine yourself with an attractive, successful, fun significant other. You’ve got it all figured out, driving the kids to soccer at 5 and being back by 7 for a romantic dinner. Life is good. Until the drunk driver mistakes red for green and smashes your wife and kids, killing them instantly.

Where is the success? That, my friends, is a grade-A predicament. It’s called standing upon a sandy foundation. Jesus told a parable in the Gospel of Matthew about the importance of building your house on a rock. Sure, it makes sense in context. So then why do we place trust in so many other things besides the Absolute Truth? Money, hobbies, thrills, and even human beings will all be destroyed or fail. It’s like clockwork. No one is perfect. No one, except the Rock. The Foundation upon which success should be stationed. The only One who has the credibility and sinless record to define success. This is the kind of victory, the kind of life, that will never crumble and will never fail.

And it’s good for eternity


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