How to get traffic for your Squidoo lens

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There are a number of important reasons why you should want to get traffic for your Squidoo lens. Without traffic for your Squidoo lens, you may as well just be writing into a diary. You need traffic if you’re going to make money, spread your idea, or generate traffic to your own website through Squidoo back links. Knowing how to get traffic for your Squidoo lens will help you to meet whatever goal it is you have for the lens.

Here are several ways to get traffic for your Squidoo lens:

  1. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. While it is certainly possible to carry Search Engine Optimization to an unreasonable extreme, mastering a few basic Search Engine Optimization techniques can help you to increase your lens traffic considerably. Just make certain you don’t sacrifice the quality of the content in your lens in order to please the search engines. Understand, also, that it can take weeks before your Squidoo lens will start showing up in the search engine results.
  2. Join a group on Squidoo. On Squidoo, you can attach your lens to a specific topical group started by other lensmasters. If there isn’t already a group relevant to your topic, you can consider starting your own Squidoo group on that topic. Squidoo lenses in a group are linked to one another, right on the lens.
  3. Promote your lenses through social media. Whether you use social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, social networking sites such as Facebook, or social tools such as Twitter, you can utilize these technologies to get traffic for your Squidoo lens.
  4. Create links to your Squidoo lens. If you have a blog or a website, create links that will get traffic to your Squidoo lens. If you don’t have a blog or website of your own, consider the possibility of putting a link to your Squidoo lens in your signature file in your email program. You might also include a link to a Squidoo lens in the signature area of any message boards or online groups to which you may belong.

Ultimately, whether you are able to get traffic for your Squidoo lens will determine how much money you make with Squidoo, or how successful your marketing efforts involving Squidoo are going to be. Following these simple steps will get you headed on the right path toward generating all sorts of Squidoo traffic.


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