How to Save Money While Clothes Shopping for the Family!

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  1. Shop for clothes on the off season. Take for example Old Navy. Old Navy usually has a 75% off sale every season. Buy for the NEXT Season and put the clothes in a tote for the following year. As long as you know how your children grow, they should be able to fit in the clothes you buy that following season. My rule of thumb on an average child, their age is their size.  So for a 4 year old, buy a 4 for average height or a 4T for a slightly smaller 4 year old.
  2. Goodwill! YES you can find awesome deal at Goodwill. In my local area Goodwill has 50% off the entire store on the first Saturday of every month. You can find many items with tags still attached! Just keep a close eye on rips, tears or stains on clothing. Good tip: If you see a pair of jeans that has a stain or bleach spot, find a cool patch, like a flower for a girl or a pirate skull for a boy, to iron on that spot. You would never notice the stain!
  3. Shop consignment! Many towns have a consignment stores. They are like a BIG indoor yard sale for kids items!  Some even have maternity clothing. There are even consignment stores for adults as well. Bring your items to sell as well. $$ is good!
  4. Consignment Sales. These are usually found in a warehouse type place. They are usually last a week and you can sell your things, get money and turn around and buy items at a bargain price!

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