Runescape Agility Beginners Guide How To Learn the Skill that Allows for Amazing Feats of Dexterity

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Runescape characters who want to gracefully walk over rope bridges or glide over rock slides and many other feats suitable more to a movie stunt man than to a character in a fantasy mmorpg, should consider raising the agility skill. The agility skill is not available to free Runescape players. Like farming and herb lore, a player who wants his character to be agile must pay for the privilege.

Raising a Runescape Character’s Agility Skill

All skills in Runescape follow the same leveling up pattern. The more a character uses a skill the more experience he gets in it, and the higher his skill level becomes. The process of raising the agility skill is made easier by agility courses that have been placed throughout Runescape’s game world. The more complex the course, the higher the experience gained.

Maps for these courses can be found on the Runescape Tips and Global Runescape fan sites. The maps help a Runescape character navigate the course, but knowing where to find the courses can be helpful.

Runescape Agility Course Locations

The best place to start raising the skill is the Gnome Course located in Ardougne and the courses increase in complexity until a character reaches the final course known as the Agility dungeon located in Amille. The courses, in increasing order of complexity, are located below.

  • Gnome Course in Ardougne
  • Barbarian Outpost Course at Baxtorian Falls
  • Agility Pyramid in the Southern Desert near the Crocodile Pond
  • Penguin Course on the Iceberg in the Lunar Sea
  • Ape Atoll Course
  • Wilderness Course in the Member’s Only Area of the Wilderness
  • Werewolf Agility Dungeon in Moritania
  • Dorgaan-Kash Agility Course
  • Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Agility Dungeon

Skill Raising Shortcuts

The above course and dungeons give a Runescape character a chance to raise his agility, but a Runescape character can also use shortcuts to help raise his skill level. These shortcuts include using items like the grappling hook, which requires a crossbow and a grapple. Playing gnomeball also gives a character a small amount of agility skill experience and ranged combat experience.

This Runescape skill not only makes amazing feats of dexterity possible, it also increases the point at which a Runescape character generates energy. The course are a nice way for a Runescape character to raise one of their skills and provide a diversion when they tire of the hack and slash combat that seems to be an integral part of many mmorpgs.


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