New Years Resolutions that Make a Difference

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When the time to make New Years resolutions rears its ugly head, most of us can simply dust off last year’s list and have plenty of work ahead of us.  But why?  Those old goals didn’t get accomplished last time and they probably won’t be a reality this year either.  Instead, set some real, positive goals that will dramatically change your life for the better.  You might even find those extra 15 pounds melt away on their own.

Resolve to Learn

Learning isn’t just for kids and teenagers.  Learning is the gateway to better conversation, job promotions, and a more interesting life in general.  Learning a new process or learning more about a subject that insterests you will expose you to new ideas and new friends.  Also, lifelong learning and brain activity is believed to prevent or delay the onset of Alzhiemer’s Disease.  You won’t only be a more fascinating, better informed person, but you’ll also be improving your longterm health.

Doormat No More

Got low self esteem?  Sick of being treated poorly by your spouse, friends, even your employer?  Make a New Years resolution to stop accepting poor treatment from those around you.  If you are in a verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive situation at home or at work, resolve to put an end to your victimization.  Set a goal to recognize and confront people who want to insult you, take advantage of you, or refuse to treat you with respect.  If you want a resolution that will really improve your life in ways you can almost touch, write “DOORMAT NO MORE” at the top of your list.


Karma is the age old rule that what goes around comes around.  Whether you are contributing positive or negative energy and actions to the universe, you can see the results in your own life.  If your karma is bad, or if it’s simply not good enough, change it.  Make a New Years resolution to stop the negative contributions and start putting some good energy into the world.  As you sew so shall you reap… so sew beauty, not bitterness.


Alone time is an essential part of being a functional adult.  Alone time gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself and reflect on your life and situations.  Sometimes alone time is simply unavoidable.  Make a resolution to spend more time by yourself.  It may not be comfortable at first, but it will grow easier as you dicover more fun and fulfilling things to do by yourself.  Being comfortable alone is essential to building strong interpersonal relationships and having the courage to escape bad relationships.


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