How to stay focused on online tasks.

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How many times a day are you distracted? This disctaction could be from a phone call, fax, text message, or even an unexpected guest to your home. Knowing your own personal work rythm can help you concentrate all of your energies into completing all of the tasks that will actually earn your income.

Write down how many distractions you receive in a days time. You may shocked that you have received twelve phone calls in the last two hours, and had two unexpected visitors. You may be wondering why you are not earning as much as you would like. Take time for your income producing tasks.Be stingy with this time. View those people who are distrating you in the proper light.

Direct these distractors so that you can concentrate on doing what you need to do to futher your income. Use your voice mail to answer your calls on the first ring, so that you are not interupted. Do this for short bursts of time that you are very productive. Perhaps an hour at the beginning and the end of your work day, you can create an uninterupted environment.

Time yourself. Use online timers to help you do your tasks. For example you may only have one hour to do several tasks online. Set your online timer to ring or buzz when you need to move on to the next tasks. Remind yourself that these tasks are helping you to create your income.This is not the time to check email, or read articles online.

Look back over your list of distractions. Find a way to have a few hours each day that are free from outside distraction. Leave plenty of  time for returning phone calls, emails, and faxes. Be honest with yourself inside of your journal. You can see in black and white how many times you were interupted, and exactly which income producing tasks you completed.


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