How to stage your home for a faster sale

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Take a walk through I want you to look up, down and all around. Examine your walls, are they freshly painted? A few gallons of a neutral paint can add value to your home for little expense.

Can you see the light?Are your windows showcasing the outdoors and letting in outdoor light? Cleaning them and drawing back the drapes are a great way to highlight your home. If your drapes are dusty or dark, dry clean or change them out for lighter ones.

Is your home clutter free? Pack your photos and your gee gaws, they don’t come with the house and may not suit everyone’s taste and can be a distraction. Visual clutter robs your home of looking clean and spacious.

Curb appeal. Trim hedges, put fresh mulch in the flower beds and some potted annuals on the front step. If it is the right season, mow the lawn. This is a good time to paint the old mailbox, and mend things that have been neglected.

Take time to smell the may not even have roses, but are you sure your home smells nice? Smells can either be engaging, distracting or repulsive to a potential buyer. We often become immune to the smells in our own homes. How many times have you entered someone’s home and noticed it smelled differently from your own? Believe me, your home is no exception!
Steam clean carpets, make sure drapes/curtains are laundered or dry-cleaned, and a batch of fresh baked cookies should make your home smell great. If need be, invite a friend over to see if there are some odors you are unaware of. Remember, animals contribute widely to offensive smells.


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