Valentines inexpensive ideas

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Valentines is almost here. Do you know what are you going to give your love one? Do not give your love the same thing that you give them ever year. Everyone gives out flowers or chocolate. Try to be creative this year for your valentine’s gift. The gift does not need to be expensive. Here are some inexpensive ideas that you could buy or make your love one for Valentines Day.

Buy your love one a teddy bear. The teddy bear does not have to be expensive. You could make your teddy bear with a message telling your love one “I Love You”. You could go a store where they make teddy bears, and put a request when you want the teddy bear to be done. Another suggestion is go to a store where you can make your own teddy bear. Some of this store are located at the mall.

Another idea for Valentine is buy a Valentines card or make your own. Buying a Valentines card for your sweetheart is an inexpensive way to show them how much you love them. Pick a card that is very identical on what you want to say for Valentines. If you cannot find a card that expresses your feelings towards your love one, make your own card. You can make it from construction paper.You could pick any color, and choose your decorations. Inside the card you could write a special poem, or express your true feelings for them.

Another inexpensive gift would be a Valentine CD. You could make this with a blank CD. Pick love songs that remind you of one another, or described your love for one another. Before you put them on cd, make some room to record your own voice on a cd. By recording your own voice you will have an introduction.This introduction would be telling your love one that this cd is dedicated to them. You could also add a voice to every song you play. Example, when a song is finish, add your voice explaining what the other song means to you before starting another song.

Another idea is use your blog to announce a special message to your love one on Valentines Day. If you do not have a blog, get one. There are free blogs out there. What I would do is post a picture of me and my love. Then I would write a special message or a poem. When finish my blog, I would call my love one during Valentines Day. I would tell my love one to go to my blog, and surprise them.


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