Idiot Proof Diet Review: The Good, The Bad Plus The Ugly

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A lot of diet reviews only talk about the positive results but don’t tell you about the excruciating pain of deprivation. There’s a lot of hype about calorie shifting and tricking your metabolism so that you’ll burn fat fast. A few calorie shifting diets are sold online and one in particular is very popular and offers a chance for people to get a book with ten rules of weight loss to follow as well as an online menu generator that provides a customized diet plan for an 11 day diet that can help you lose a quick 9 pounds. The internet is filled with glowing reviews of this diet but what are the naysayers saying?

Idiot Proof Diet Complaints

No support. Once you buy it, no one can answer questions or give you any help. You’re on your own. On the plus side, though, you do have a money back guarantee “no questions asked” so if you’re really confused and can’t understand, you can have your money back. Most who do the diet say that it’s really easy to follow, hence the term, “Idiot Proof”.

Repetitive Foods

There are some repetitive foods on the diet and you can get sick of eating them but on the plus side the diet lasts 11 days and then there are 3 cheat days so you can choose to get your fill of bread, potatoes, rice, etc on those days. After the 3 days, you can run your diet generator again and get a new plan. The good thing about this diet is that you can choose foods you like and you can change the diet around when you re-do it.

The Fruit Day

The fruit day can be rough as you eat fruit all day with just one sandwich. The next day though, everything tastes really awesome!

The Vegetable Day

There’s also a day where you’re eating veggies all day and that can be a bit rough as well but the weight loss results are worth it and there are a wide variety of vegetables plus you can prepare them various ways for each meal. (Stir fry, salad, vegetable soup)

Loads Of Water Drinking

The fact is, when you’re not accustomed to drinking water it takes some time to get used to it. The truth is, all that time you spend in the bathroom is a result of your metabolism working. Once you’re regularly drinking water you’ll crave less sugary drinks and find that your body and bathroom break frequency gets fairly regulated.


All in all, the vast majority of testimonials on this diet are positive. Although the diet requires some discipline and sacrifice, it can be quite effective. The big payoff is the 3 days of cheating and the fact that the cheating can also help keep your metabolism guessing so that it continually burns fat at a high rate for you! If you want easy, you’ll probably prefer liposuction. Diets aren’t simple but this one is definitely doable. Learn more at Trick Your Metabolism.


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