Prevent Colon Cancer

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First and foremost. If you are over 50 go to the doctor and get check out.  They can find the polyps that lead to colon cancer and stop it before it turns into cancer.  That is a huge way to prevent colon cancer.  But one that many people do not do.

Being healthy is important.  You need to keep a healthy weight to prevent colon cancer.  That also means you have to eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and get lots of fiber.   Getvactive.  Go out and do some exercise everyday.  Many studies have shown these simple things will greatly help to prevent colon cancer. And do not smoke.  This should seem obvious, but many people still smoke even thought they know all the dangers of it.

Find out your family medical history.  Did anyone in your family have colon cancer, or any other form of cancer?  Let your doctor know any family medical information you have.  This will help the doctor to prevent colon cancer by letting him know if you have a genetic profile to get colon cancer.

Do all these things and maybe it you will prevent colon cancer.  Maybe you won’t.  But you need to do everything possible to help prevent colon cancer and hope that it does work.  And if you do all these things they should help to prevent other cancers as well.


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