Stop Dog Barking From Ruining Your Life

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There are a several of  ways to stop dog barking. One is to play with the dog so they have less energy.  Taking the dog for a walk or playing fetch in the yard will hlep to stop dog barking because they will be to tired to bark.

Don’t let the dog be bored.  Give the dog plenty of things to do when they are home alone. To stop dog barking make sure they have a toy or bone to chew on.  They need something to occupy their time when they are alone.  If they have nothing to do they will bark at everything just out of boredom.

Negative reinforcement is the last and maybe the best way to stop dog barking.  It can be a metal can full of pennies that  will make a loud noise.  Shake it next to the dog to startle it stop the barking.  The other alternative is to use a spray water bottle and spray them in the face when they bark.  This will stop dog barking.  But you need to be consistent.  The more you do it, the sooner you will stop dog barking.

These are some basic and simple ways to stop dog barking.  Try them out and see if they work for you.


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