Forget Resolutions – Lose Weight Before The Holidays And Eat Guilt-Free

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It’s getting on to the time of year…’tis the season for the eatin’! Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, Festivus (heheh) or whatever—You’re about to be subjected to pushing that’s equal to a drug dealer trying to hook you on an expensive designer drug. The drug of choice is food— VERY fattening food.

This article is perfect for before the holidays. If you’re reading it after the holidays, that’s ok! It isn’t your fault. It was the relatives, the colleagues, the well-meaning family members that did it to you. If you’re reading this after the holidays, skip to the resource box at the end of this article for some advice! If you’re not there yet but dreading what the holidays are going to do to your waistline and the junk in your trunk, here’s some great advice for you.

1. Diet NOW. You know you will want to indulge a little during the holidays and after all, why shouldn’t you? Better to try to take about 15 pounds off now instead of 20 after the holidays, right? If you lose a little now, you’ll just have five or so to work on for new years resolutions and doesn’t five pounds of weight loss sound doable?

2. Exercise NOW. You can get great deals on gym memberships as retailers are gearing up for the holidays and the post-holiday resolutions so are putting together some great packages that’ll help you save money. Check with your employer. They might even reimburse you for part of the cost for your employee fitness fund!

3. Be realistic ALWAYS. Food is one of the pleasures in life but it’s something that can easily get out of hand especially with Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and being too busy (so scarfing down fast food regularly) to cook. Set a realistic goal and expectation for yourself so that you can meet realistic goals.

Trick Your Metabolism

A great diet to look at operates on an 11 day on, 3 day off cycle for as long as you want to lose weight. During the 11 days, you’ll trick your metabolism by shifting calories around and following a specified list of foods. On the 3 days, you can eat whatever you want. Most people on this diet lose 6-9 pounds every 11 days. If you do this cycle twice before the holidays really kick in, you could preemptively battle the bulge before it sets in. Want to battle the bulge before it gets out of hand? Give yourself some room for some festive and guilt-free holiday noshing? Interested in learning how to Trick Your Metabolism on an 11 day on, 3 day off diet? Check out Trick Your Metabolism for a day by day diary of someone who followed this diet plan who shares info on the foods, the challenges, the good, the bad and even the ugly.


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