I will miss you

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This is about a friend who had lost his life to soon.

I knew this man name Harry Love. The way he was I place no human above. Weather chilling on the corner or in the lot. Wherever he was it was time to rock. Sometimes smoking a blunt or drinking a forty ounce. Wherever you were you could here his mouth. Rapping was what he lived for until some punk, tried to even the score. It was the sound heard all around the world putting tears in the eyes of all the fly girls. It was a gloomy night no one on the streets no sounds of laughs just the sound of a heart beat. He was left alone on the Church steps. All praises to Jesus now tell me where is the respect. How could someone with so much joy be treated like a boy with a soldiers toy. Me myself I can’t understand that. Blacks against blacks just because one raps. Where does it end, we just lost a friend. Let’s pick up the pieces, so that it doesn’t happen again. It’s a shame it took a tragedy. So everyone could know who is the majesty. So for everyone hearing what I am saying. Let’s put your hands together and let’s start praying.


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