Call of Duty 5: World at War – Sniping Guide

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Before we begin, it is important to know all of the Bolt-Action rifles available to you and their attachments. Reading the labels of each weapon below will help you understand what is available to you at the start and finish of unlocking the guns. You don’t have to read this part, but it could help one way or another.

Springfield B-A Rifle

  • Available for use at Level 1, can create a class at level 4
  • Starts with Sniper scope
  • Unlock Bayonet & Rifle grenades after completing marksman challenges


  • Available for use at Level 4
  • Does not start with Sniping scope
  • Unlock Sniper scope, Bayonet, Rifle grenades after completing marksman challenges

Mosin Nagant

  • Available for use at Level 21
  • Does not start with Sniping scope
  • Unlock Sniper scope, Bayonet, Rifle grenades after completing marksman challenges


  • Available for use at Level 41
  • Does not start with Sniping scope
  • Sniper scope, Bayonet, Rifle grenades after completing marksman challenges


  • Available for use at Level 57
  • Starts with Sniping scope
  • Does not have any marksman challenges. Has headshot challenges.

Hardcore TDM Sniping Guide

First, I will make a quick description of each gun then begin the guide to help you on your sniping skills.

  1. Springfield: Accurate, and deals good damage
  2. Ariska: Very inaccurate, not recommended to use unless doing challenges
  3. Mosin Nagant: Great power and accuracy
  4. Kar98K: Most of the people I know favor this sniper. It is good in every aspect
  5. PTRS: Extremely good accuracy, VERY LOUD

The most important thing you must take into consideration when Sniping in Hardcore TDM is that most people here use Second chance. This means that when you are sniping them (unless getting a headshot), they will only go into second chance and not die. Be quick to get both shots before your kill is stolen, or the downed enemy shoots you. If you are doing challenges, shoot the person down with your pistol and finish the kill off with your Sniper. This will save you a lot of time and ensure you quickly get those pesky B-A challenges done. It will take practice though, do not give up!

So you’re not out to do the challenges? You want to just sit there and snipe everyone? I will help you become better at it. My best perk recommendations for you are as following:

  • Perk 1: Bouncing Betties
  • Perk 2: Camoflauge
  • Perk 3: Second Chance/Steady Aim

The camoflauge is your most useful perk as a sniper, it ensures that the enemy recon planes wont find you, this way you can remain hidden while sniping. The bouncing betties really are a big help, so use them. Placing betties in your flank locations or areas you cannot see while in the scope is crucial.

Now that you have yourself protected behind bouncing betties, it’s time to snipe. You need to be patient, a Sniper does not run around the map and do run-n-gun (atleast not unless your a pro at this). Have 2-5 areas of the map to switch around to and snipe. They will not be listed in the guide, but I will help you find these locations. Having a B-A Rifle gives your character a camoflauge costume (he will has grass on his back). This means if you hide in a bush you will not be seen at all. Basically any area that that the enemy does not go to usually.

Fighting the Run-N-Gunner

Do not panic. This is the most important thing. Sit back and try to kill him, if he manages to get away, don’t chase him! This is a recipe for disaster. And be sure to check if he’s not just going around you to kill you from behind, as I do this a lot to snipers when I run-n-gun. Patience is the key.

Fighting the enemy Sniper

This is a test of skill and who sees who first. If you are scoping and see an enemy sniper standing still while looking at you, he is getting ready to fire! move quickly! Sticking your scope on him and trying to take the shot will not work because he is setting his scope on you before you can possibly get it on him (unless again, you are a pro). Run around a little then through your scope back up and try to take the shot. If it looks like you can’t get him before he gets you, try to throw a smoke grenade and run for cover.

No-Scope Action

If you already have skill with the B-A’s and are looking to improve on no-scoping, I will offer you some tips. Do not use the Springfield or Arisaka, you will drive yourself crazy. Kar98k and Mosin Nagant are the best No-Scope B-A rifles. You can get some quick referances in a private game by yourself. Enter a game and shoot a wall straight ahead of you. It should shoot exactly where you shoot it, if it doesn’t then take note of how far ahead it shoots. When trying to No-Scope someone in WI-FI, compensate for the lag shot (shoot a little ahead of the enemy). As previously mentioned, shooting someone with the perk “Second Chance” is a pain. It will take 2 sniper shots to finish him off. If you aren’t doing challenges, go ahead and try to take the 2 shots but don’t panic!

A last note that I forgot to mention earlier with your options on Perk 3, use Second chance if you are in a party of other using the perk. This way you can all revive eachother in the process. If you don’t have a party going, use Steady Aim. It really helps when in the scope. While doing this, you can hold the A button to hold your breath in game, this steadies your aim even more.

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