The Conduit, a Gamers Review!

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The Conduit is a new first person shooter based on the future that was announced in early 2008. This game uses state of the art rag-doll technology to make it appear as realistic as possible! However the use of this technology and the level of graphics this game will require is at the very outside edges of the Wiis capabilities. This worries me however as the imported game Call of Duty: World at War uses a good part as well and it crashes the Wii on a regular basis!

One thing I have noticed about The Conduit is that I have already played it! It is called Perfect Dark. The weapons and graphic settings as well as levels/stages are the same style with just a few more pixels added! However not everything in the previews is from Perfect Dark, quite a bit is from the Halo series. If you have played either of these games you will notice the very noticeable similarities in this gameplay preview!


However this first person shooter seems to incorporate a high level of problem solving as well as conspiracy which I believe will make the actual campaign play quite interesting. A good storyline is key and it appears they didn’t copy the whole thing from another game as what I have seen so far! There is one thing that makes me nervous though. Online gameplay. This is the reason most people have bought the current first person shooters for the Wii. The Wi-Fi connection for the Wii is slightly laggy but the upside it is totally free! We can all hope that The Conduit will bring back large scale online play like Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 instead of the 8 person deathmatch style of Call of Duty: World at War. The scary part is they havn’t released any serious information about the games online abilities to us yet leaving us hanging on the edge with the game due for release in just a few months!If they want it to be a top seller they MUST put in multiplayer games that are different from deathmatches. This is a serious defect in first person wii shooters so far!

I would give The Conduit a 4 out of 5 for the Wii as it was built from the ground up even if ideas and maps have been “borrowed” from other games and I suspect staff as well! But they are innovators and deserve a fair try when the game is released! I would strongly suggest a rent before you buy theme for this game!


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