10 FAQs for Pet Insurance in the UK

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Pet insurance in the UK is gaining popularity ever year. Due to the low cost and wide comprehensive coverages many pet owners in the UK are opting to insure their pets.

But when we start looking for a pet insurance policy their are a few question that we need to consider, below are 10 common question you need to consider:

Question 1 – Will I get to choose my Veterinarian?

As health insurance plans in the UK are quite similar to what we have, you will need to check individual plans rules and requirements, check to verify if your local vet is included in the list by the insurance company.

Question 2 – Will my pet insurance include prescription coverage?

Prescription coverage is an important aspect of your insurance for your pet, as technology and research improves so does the drugs which will increase the chances of using prescription medication in future and the cost of these can be expensive.

Question 3 – Need to Neutering and Spraying?

Having your pets sprayed and neutering coverage is great to have since most pet owners will have this done and at the same time we control the pet population.

Question 4 – Do we have pay deductibles?

Must the same as our insurance in that different plans will require different deductibles, this is a cost we pay before having our pets looked after by the vet. You can look for pet insurance in the UK that the low deductibles but remember that lower the deductible the greater the chance of higher premiums.

Question 5 – What is the waiting period on pet Insurance?

With all insurances there will be a waiting period for the policy to take affect and will vary from pet insurance companies, check with the insurance company the exact start and finish date of your pet Insurance.

Question 6 – Any Illness and Incident Caps for the Policy?

With all UK Pet Insurance policies there will be caps, they will all vary depending on the situation of your pet the capping for a serious illness will be different to that of just a broken bone. Check and know the particle caps for different events with your insurance for your pet.

Question 7 – Should i look for a discount plan or a comprehensive pet insurance plan?

There is a difference, a discount plan you pay annual fees to get discounted vet and related services where as a pet health insurance plan works similar to our plan for people.

Question 8 – Is the insurance company reputable?

Make sure you feel comfortable with your pet insurance company as they will be handling your pet claims. Choose a company that is willing to answer your questions and will explain your future claim procedures clearly.

Question 9 – Does my insurance cover routine check ups

If you taking a comprehensive policy you should look for one that covers routine check ups and cover things such as immunizations, dental care, and heartworm testing.

Question 10 – What are excludes?

Again much a like human insurance and will depend on different insurance companies, typical exclusions are pre-existing conditions and hereditary defects, to cover certain common exclusions can be done but require additional payments.

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