Send a free fax online

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The first step to sending a free fax online is to find an online service.  A couple of the better ones are and   You can use either of these services to send a free fax online, or there are several others out there.  Just do a quick google search after you finish this article.

The first thing to do when you want to send a free fax online is to scan your documents you want to send into your computer.  Make sure you save them in an easy to find file and give it a file name that you will remember.  Next, set up an account with which every free fax online service you like.

The next part to send a free fax online is to fill out the information for the recipient and upload the documents you want to fax.  Make sure you are uploading the correct documents, you don’t want to send the wrong papers.  Click send.

That is all there is to sending a free fax online.  I would recommend that you contact the person you are faxing to and verify that they did receive your fax.


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