Super Star Reba McEntire

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Reba McEntire is one of country music’s biggest stars and one of my personal favorites.

Reba was born in Chockie, Oklahoma on March 28th, 1955. Singing came naturally to her and she would sing with her brother Dale and sister Susie, as the Singing McEntires.

She made her appearance in country music in 1976 with her single, “I Don’t Want to be a One Night Stand.” She recorded at a steady pace, but did not reach her first top 10 album until 1980 with “(You Life Me) Up to Heaven.”

In 1984 she got her first No.1 when “How Blue,” was released.

Reba continued putting out songs and albums, one after the other. She soon became highly interested in doing music videos. In 1986, “Whoever’s In New England,” was her first music video to be made.

In 1987 she sold out Carnegie Hall, she won female vocalist of the year in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987. She has also hosted the Country Music award more times than anyone else.

She continued to receive No.1 hits and Top 5’s. In 1986 and in 1993 she was awarded with a Grammy. Reba has also performed on T.V. as a guest appearance, in her own show, in movies and has done voices for animated movies. Music however, will always be her solid ground.

More than 40million copies of Reba’s albums have been bought so far, and the numbers continue to rise.

Fancy- Rumor Has It album, released on January 1st 1990.

This is one of my all time favorite country songs.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia- For My Broken Heart album, released on January 1st 1991.

I’ll Be- So Good Together album, released on November 23rd 1999.

A great song to let someone know they can always count on you.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter- Read My Mind album, released on April 26th 1994.

Is There Life Out There- For My Broken Heart album, released on January 1st 1991.

I’m a Survivor- Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: I’m a Survivor album, released on October 10th 2001.

And Still- Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: I’m a Survivor album, released October 10th 2001.

Does He Love You- duet with Linda Davis- Greatest hits, Vol. 2 album, released on October 1st, 1993.

This song is beautifully done.

How Was I to Know- What If It’s You album, released on November 5th, 1996.

Because of You- duet with Kelly Clarkson- Reba Duets album, released September 18th 2007.

I loved this song the first time I heard it. When it comes on, the radio goes up.



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