Cell Phones

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In todays techy world it seems like cell phones are needed like clothes on our backs. But why is the US cell phone market 2-5 yrs behind other countries. It’s because the US cell phone carriers want more money. If you watch movies with the actors using a cell phone that was really futuristic, but in reality they are not. You can find that same exact phone in other countries that are 6-12 months old.

You can goto www.ebay.com and find the unlocked phones or www.tigerdirect.com that will sell you the unlocked phone without a contract to sign. You can buy that phone and it’s better to get one with a sim card & buy a prepaid sim card enabled phone at your local grocery store or www.walmart.com and you that phone at a cheap rate.You will see that thenext generation phones are going to exploit the phone conference feature.

Which is great!!! I like going to www.cnet.com to get a reveiw on the phone for a better understanding on the specs. It’s really ironic that now the new thing with cell phones is 3G, but many towns don’t have it unless you live in a big city. So, save your money wisely and make sure the phone you want can provide your needs.


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