22 dogs in a car

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People love dogs and this one woman love it so much that she had 22 of them but sadly she had them in a car for a long time without feeding them. This happened at Grayson County in Texas. According to

the SFGate, she suffered from dementia and said that the dogs helped her survived. They sleep on top of her but the car is dirty with high ammonia level and urine. Inside the car is a pot of water but all is dirty. She refused to open the car door for the police when they served her with a warrant. The dogs were all alive and they looked adorable. It seems like she lived in the car with the dogs and witnesses said that they saw her bringing food and water and treated the animals very nicely.

The SPCA received a phone call from a neighbor who saw the woman living in the car with the dogs. The neighbors said that the woman was evicted out of her home two weeks ago and she used the animal to keep her alive. It looks like she has a mental illness and couldn’t afford rent. According to the SFGate, she was identified as Lisa Espil and she’s now in custody with adult protective services. Since, she suffered from dementia, she’ll probably be taking care of at a mental facility later on for those that can’t take care of themselves. They probably won’t be charge with a criminal activity because she’s mentally ill.

There will be a court hearing for the custody of the dogs. It’s not unusual to have someone who’s suffering from a mental illness to do things like this and they’re also homeless. The good thing is that the woman and dogs are both saved from a poor condition.

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