Stop Being Late

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Felt was difficult to arrange time or to be difficult if you must
on-time anywhere you went ? This bad habit was felt by some people,
and really was difficult to be eliminated, especially for you who were
used to get up in the daylight until must be trapped in the condition
for the highway that was congested. The habit often late or not
on-time apart from causing a loss to himself, also will get difficul
to the other person who finished the time to be waiting for you. So,
stopped being late !

Preparations were earlier
This normally happens to the woman that liked late, moreover if will
attend moment important. Than must spend time for the affair make-up
or clothes. So that all of them could walk on-time, then prepared
everything in the afternoon, like the implement make-up or clothes, et

Survey of the location was earlier.
For you who wanted to head towards a place that location was not yet
known, better you did hunting the location two of the previous day.
This will more facilitate you when “the day” has arrived so as not
much time that must be thrown away in the road. With hunting the
location before, you could know the small roads that will help when
being trapped stalled. Whereas to that rose public transport, don’t
forget to consider the alternative to other public transport that
passed to the location.

Use your watch!
Still got up in the daylight ? Rise alarm. Moreover, don’t forget to
wear the watch in your activity, as the weapon in order to prevents
the late habit or not on-time. But ascertained also time in your watch
not slavishly not on-time.


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