How to keep love alive?

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 Love is a wonderful thing and when we find it we should consider our self lucky.
     At  first  we use all our charm to seduce him / her. It’s like a little battle we have so that in the end we win our lover’s heart. Not many know though  that in order to make that love last forever the fight must go on all the time.
     Try to make little surprises to each other. For example cook a special dinner. Of course you know how big your love but it’s important that you say it from time to time.
     In every  couple it is normal to exist fights some times. What matters though is that you don’t tell to each other heavy words. Inlove people can forgive but they never forget. In time, all this little wounds get together and can lead to a separation.
      Passion is the most powerful ingredient from a happy relation. Make love almost daily and use your imagination and energy to make something special from every night. Daily routine and all the work we have to do might slow down our love life but try to find a few moments just for the two of you every day.


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