Ways to get sympathy

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Want to get someone sympathy? Try to get sympathy from him. But that be the problem sometimes we feel difficult to get sympathy. When we do approaches with someone, we have scare or shy feeling. I was convinced, basically everyone wish to get the place or comfort feeling from many people.have regarded as friend or family, or regarded as people that friendly by other people (have friendly image). So, based my experience and adding my knowledge from relationship life, I’ll try to give easy ways to get sympathy from someone with simple method to applied.

That be the main from this ways is smile . When you were introduce your self with some people, try to give smile with sincere. Because according to me, with smile you’ll have good position and also make your self be comfort by some people. Believe or not, with sincere smile, you can entered heart everyone.

Afterwards, learn to liked this person . This statement have assumption with liked someone, inderectly manner the liked feeling will spread with the person that were your face. Why? You can imagine how mirror principe. Your self will be interesting when you liked someone, especially when you were speaking with him. And in this case, you can seeing different if you liked and if you not liked him. Minimally, he will regarded your self is interesting.

Be a listener . You can imagine how if you were speaking with someone, but he don’t listen what your talk for? Or how the condition the reverse, precisely he always talk and talk. Are you comfort? In interacting with other person, will be better if complementing each other. Have time to be the listeners, and also have time you must speak for. So, not only to be person that always quiet, or precisely that always speak, speak, and speak. In some condition, when we want to get sympathy from other person, try to be person that listener as well as the speaker that will make other person be comfort with your self, especially when communicating with you.

Last, don’t miserly to give help . Sometime in this condition will depict how yourself in fact. Are you including great person, or you only person that normally (not special). That important here as authentication what you are good/true person from him. Or, you’re only the parasite..?!

Okay.. So, the conclusion to get sympathy is smile, liked, be listener, and don’t miserly. However, between from we have other ways to get good image from many people. But, as more information to you, ‘be your self’.


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