Sport..a way to a happier life?

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Is sport a way to a happier life? I believe so. Not only that it keeps us healthy but also it makes us look  great.
     Many  times when we are sad we could see that if we did a little thing to improve our look, all of a sudden things weren’t  so bad anymore.
      There for the way we look has a great influence to the way we feel.
      At beginning it might be really difficult to exercise especially if your body is not used to. But keep on trying and you will have a nice surprise.
      Everybody knows that by exercising you burn calories, and lose weight. It  was proved that we also lose stress. Sport it’s a way of releasing  the tension from the day by day problems.
      If you don’t  like the indoor fitness clubs or don’t have the time for it, just use your bike to go every day to work. This way you save on gas also. You might even save time too, there won’t  be any traffic  jam  🙂


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