Make sport but not any time!

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You don’t always have time to exercise when is best for your organism. If you don’t respect some basic rules you might get your body exhausted. In order to get the best results try to follow in the less busy days the ideal sport program:
7:00 – Early in the morning, when you just wake up, it is good to do some easy gymnastic, which doesn’t ask too much effort.
12:00 – Now you can get to more solicitant exercises, like swimming or more alert gymnastic, which works up  your body really good.
16:00 –  It is the moment of the day when you can work out at your maxim capacity. There for, you might want  try some fitness.
18:00 – In the evening, a long walk or a ride with the bike can do miracles. Now the organism has the maxim capacity to get oxygenated.


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