When Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

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It started like in a fairy tell. The prince she dreamed of comes on a horse and they live happily ever after. Only that the horse is a car and the ‘’ever after’’ is much shorter.

After a beautiful wedding comes the baby which they both love more than anything in the world. But, unfortunately, life is not a fairy tell and relationships are difficult.

Most of the time love is not enough. In a few years they forget how much they loved each other and the fight becomes the main way of communication. Even if the married couple try not to fight in front of their kid this is actually not possible. He becomes a sad kid and even wonders if he is the reason his parents don’t love each other anymore.

The couple doesn’t accept the idea of a divorce because of the their baby. In real a kid is much happier with 2 separated parents then in a house full of stress and sadness.


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