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Who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m always on the look out for ways to save money and for free samples. One benefit of getting free samples or coupons from companies is that it gives you a chance to try out the product to see if you like it before buying it. Where are some good places to find free samples and free stuff on the internet? Believe it or not the best place I have found for free samples is has some great free samples listed! Just go to the search bar on their website and type in free samples. A listing will come up with companies that are offering free samples and instructions on how to obtain them. The list is updated quite often so be sure and check it daily. Some of the free samples I have gotten from doing this include:

*laundry detergent



*facial cleanser

*food samples

*food storage bags

*shampoo and conditioner


Some other free things that you can find on their Free Sample website page include:

*Free Trials- magazines, games, and companies like Vonage can be found in this section.

*Special Savings- you can purchase discounted tickets in this section for theme parks, dinner, shows and special attractions.

*Free Music- free music downloads are offered.

My other favorite place to find free stuff is Craigslist. You can search your local area for people who are giving away free items. I was amazed at the number of free things being given away and also the quality of the items. You can find free furniture, computers, monitors, and TV’s. The list is endless. I have even seen free dirt being given away! Some of the better items don’t last very long so if your interested in obtaining something free be sure and jump right on it before it disappears.

One more place that I have found for free stuff is The site is very easy to navigate and they have a huge listing of free stuff from A-Z. You can also search by country for free items. One of my favorite sections of the site is a listing of restaurants where kids and eat free. You will find many popular restaurants on the list that have special days and hours that kids can eat free.I also use the Pet section quite a bit because it can be hard to located free samples and coupons for your pets.

If your like me and like to save money then all of these places are worth taking a peek at. It is well worth it to save money and get stuff for free!


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