300 Dolphins Stranded in the Shallow Waters of the Philippines

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About 100 Dolphins are stranded in the shallow waters of the Philippines. They were sighted today in the province of Bataan where the famous and historic Corregidor Island is located.

Fishermen from the area are guiding them to the deeper sea in order to save them from hazards found in shallow waters.

‘The governor from Bataan province, Enrique Garcia, said he was surprised by the unusually high number of Dolphins that beached themselves in the coastal areas of Pilar town which faces Manila Bay’, according to a report from the Inquirer.

The Dolphins were calm and swimming slowly, guided by fishermen in about 20 boats, the Governor said.

‘There were reports that three Dolphins died further north, Garcia said, adding that the coast guards and the Bureau of Fisheries were coordinating to rescue the mammals, which are considered endangered species’, the report added.

Last January this year, Filipino fishermen have also rescued endangered sea cow. The fishermen push the stranded sea cow to the deep waters, according to the Worldwide Fund for Nature, a conservationist group.

Sea Cows are thought to live up to 70 years but females give birth to a single calf every few years. It takes up to 15 years to mature, making the species particularly vulnerable to extinction, according to WWF.

Fishermen from the Philippines have been made aware by Philippine Fishery officials and active conservationists groups about the importance of preserving endangered species and they are responding to the call as shown by these fishermen who used their productive time to guide the Dolphins out into the deep sea to save their lives.


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