Cooking by John – How to boil water

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So your cooking skills are lacking.  Well, let’s get crackin’.  Many foods require boiling water if you check the backing.

Here are the steps to begin.

1. Get out a pot and lid.

2. Pour some good old H2O into the pot. (usually the food package says how much water to put into the pot).

3. Place the now heavy pot on the stovetop.  Make sure you put it directly on top of one of the round things (burners).

4. Put the lid on top of the pot.

5. Now this is the tricky part, lighting the stove. There should be some knobs at the front of the stove above the oven door.  If there aren’t any there, look somewhere else.  When a stove is new the knobs are labeled.  Find the appropriate knob and turn the knob to the left(usually).  Did the round thing light? If it did then turn the knob all the way to the left.  If it didn’t then you have to do something different.  First, try pushing in the knob and turning it.  If it still doesn’t light maybe you have an old stove that requires a manual light (Your stove must be ancient).  Get a match and then light the match.  Put the match tip (that is on fire) near the round thing (burner) and turn the knob.  The fire should start.  If it still does not light you need professional help.  Find your owner’s manual, or ask your mom.
6. Now that you have done the difficult part, the final step is here.  As the fire heats the water you wait.  That’s right you wait.  Don’t worry if the water is not boiling yet.  It takes time.  Just wait.  I know some of you are saying this is too difficult.  I can’t wait, but you must wait.  If it is taking too long for you do the obsessive compulsive thing.  Check to make sure the knob is turned all the way up.  Whatever you do DO NOT LIFT THE LID.  The pot will explode! Just kidding the pot will not explode.  Really it won’t.  However if you lift the lid you will have to wait longer, and I know you can’t take that.  After you wait for a few minutes the water will be boiling away.  You have passed Cooking by John – How to boil water.


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