Can Hatton Pull the Trigger on his Fight with Manny Pacquiao?

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Freddie Roach, the multi-awarded and famous boxing trainer of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, said in an interview with reporters: ‘Yes, Hatton can pull the trigger’ but the big question is, can the bullets hit the target?

Ricky Hatton is known to be like a ‘raging bull’ the moment he steps in to the ring and hears the sound of the bell of the first round. He would rush straight forward to his opponent and like a bull, he would direct his pointed horns to his opponent without hesitation.

Hatton’s style is very dangerous especially if his opponent is caught by his powerful right hand with full force of his start-up punching power. Manny Pacquiao must be aware of this Hatton’s trademark. It is predictable, but if Pacquiao is not careful and is caught in a corner, he can say goodbye to his brilliant boxing career. Hatton punches are deadly during the first three rounds of his fight.

Definitely Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach will find a way to neutralize Hatton’s ‘raging bull’ trade mark. Basically Roach is expected to whisper into Pacquiao’s ear to dance around Hatton in the first three rounds to evade his first powerful punches. Roach knows very well that if Pacquiao is hit with those punches, he will surely be in big trouble as Hatton will pull his trigger in rapid succession that will throw Pacquiao out in oblivion.

But properly handled, Hatton can be a good punching target for Manny Pacquiao.
Dancing around in a safe distance and throwing jabs at Hatton will work out fine for Manny during the first few rounds so long as it finds its targets. Hatton’s bullets will miss its targets if Pacquiao remains mobile and evasive. But of course no one knows what will be Hatton’s strategy come fight night. We may see a Hatton departing from his known trade mark fighting style where Pacquiao’s original script will not work out as anticipated.

Both camps are expected to come up with a series of fighting strategies that will address situations where both boxers may use to gain an advantage during the fight.

Some boxing fans believe that Hatton will use dirty tactics like low blows to gain advantage. Termuzin Rumbling, a boxing promoter and a former amateur boxer from Indonesia said: ‘But Manny, better watch out for dirty tactics. He throws low blows. He doesn’t stop punching. Hatton is a relentless brawler’

Pacquiao was advised never to underestimate Hatton. He is a human live-wire and will definitely pull the trigger. But again, the bigger question is, will the bullets hit the target?

Let’s see what happens come May 2, 2009 when both fighters are expected to square off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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