Does the right guy exists?

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 Who is the Right Guy?

It’s very interesting seeing people discuss love and relationships but we have to discuss the issue of unfair relationships, mostly among teens.
The guy is cool, calm, brilliant and smart is most times used when a lady is explaining the type of guy that always makes her run mad.
 Yes, is true and really exist. A guy is a focused person with vision. He never goes over chasing winds. He has no time for plays, I mean jumping from one girl to another.
 The right guy is more tedious in his dealings. He would always remain faithful to the girl he loved.

As lovers’ day draws nearer, it’s good and very nice to educate the teens about what we watch everyday on TVs about youths’ restiveness and nonchalant behavior which
 are prevalent in the society today. It is the right of every body to start teaching ourselves and others on the right way to always act.


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