The Importance of Having an Organized Day

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Ever since I was in grade school, I have always had a system for myself. I would always make sure that my clothes for the next day were already laid out, that my shoes were clean, that my pencils were sharpened, and that all the crumpled paper that may have accumulated in my bag through the day were thrown out. I would not be able to sleep without doing those things.

Being organized can be very beneficial. Keeping a simple to-do list is a start. It can help you get through the day without forgetting to do anything. It can help you remember what to bring to work, what to do at work that is not part of your routine, or what to buy on your way home. Most importantly, it can help you remember to do the things that you don’t like doing. Like buying your grandfather’s hemorrhoid cream. That’s not something I would like to do but have to. And the thing about being asked to do something that you don’t want to is you tend to put the request at the back of your head and end up forgetting it. And when you get home and remember it, you have to go out again to buy the cream otherwise grandpa is not going to have a goodnight’s sleep.

Organizing can also help you save time. If you know what to do for the entire day, you are more likely able to work faster because you know what to do next. After you do everything in your list, you can review your work or you can do other things like start some of your work for the next day or rearrange your cubicle or office.

Planning your day can also help with your family or social life. Knowing that you’ve done all that you were supposed to do at work can put your mind at ease. So when you’re at home, you’re not worried about work. Or when you go out with friends or on a date, you can have fun because you finsihed your job. Your mind would be where your body is.

Lastly, seeing your to-do list all noted with “done” can be a huge ego-booster. You did all that you needed to do in less than 24 hours! That’s an achievement!

So even though some would say that it’s dorky to be so organized, let them say it. What’s important is that you had a productive day.


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