I feel my heart strings pulled again

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At first I saw you and felt my past.

My heart strings pulled, but would it last?

Fading tomorrows or yester-years.

I touched the pain and felt my fears.

You’d been there and then were gone,

But memories had lingered on.

Although those feelings once tucked away

Surfaced again when I saw you today.

I reviewed the past to present time.

Needed truth heart on the line.

I sit and ponder time away,

Hoping this time you’re here to stay!

My heart is beating a rapid flow,

With thoughts of you, I do not know.

My heart is beating then skips a beat,

I feel I am being swept off my feet.

I’m really trying I should hold back.

Restraining truth is what I lack.

You’re scent is near but you are not.

I am in a trance and feeling caught.

I struggle within with thoughts of you.

To stop these feelings would be untrue.

We started friends then meet again.

A new trip now a journey’s end.

For both of us around the bend.

Life’s unseen future is at hand

My heart just melts at your command.

The sound of your voice just on the phone,

I then relax and feel I am home.

Your voice, touch the scent of you

Sends me beyond me beyond the farthest star.

I feel you here, but you are far

It doesn’t matter where you are.

I felt my world was closing in

And then ran into you again.

A childhood friend is what you’d been.

Oh, in my heart look deep inside.

You can’t see in for fear I hide.

My feelings ring true I felt this before

But is I share you may leave once more.

One day I may chose to show

the truth for now is kept real low.

My guard is up it has to be,

It’s your turn now let your heart free.

I walk on clouds when you are near.

It soon will rain and I don’t care.

I want you close and that’s for sure,

But if you leave my heart will cure.

I know it will it has before.

For what you give I don’t need more.

I walk on clouds and feel the sun.

Oh, time will tell if my hearts won.

It may get torn or shred in two.

I’ll take the chance it’s up to you.

My feelings in check, what did you do?

They are starting again alive, anew.

I know I know, I promised you.

What did, what did, what did, you do?

I tried, I tried and tried you see,

I really did and I believed.

But know I see what you have done

You made me laugh and we had fun.

It’s your fault too, why can’t you see?

Well don’t blame me if you can’t hang…

Just let me be and set me free.

I believe in life we have a path,

We chose to walk or pay some wrath.

I’ll walk with you a little while,

I’ll hold your hand and make you smile.

As time passes by, you’re free to go.

The man I see I so care to know,

My heart says stay, or let me go.

I felt so free and alive.

So safe, content and secure

With every part of me…..

Although time has passed,

I feel this again only stronger.

Each time I am with you.

Although yesterday’s stars,

Held a heartfelt wish too.

I still really can’t believe it is true.

I feel my heart strings pulled again,

Harder then when we were just friends.


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