Washing Satin Sheets

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Satin sheets need a little extra attention to keep them in good shape. This article discusses a very easy method for washing them. This is suitable for acetate or silk satin sheets.

  1. Fill your washing machine with tepid water. This is kindest on satin. Find a gentle fabric wash; again, this is kinder on satin.
  2. Do not use the spin option of your washing machine. Instead, hang-wring the sheets. Satin is very fragile and can tear easily. When hand-wringing, put the sheets into a towel to help absorb the moisture and roll this around gently to wring the moisture ou.
  3. Hang the sheets out to dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Instead, find a suitable hanging item such as a clothes horse or a stair bannister to hang the sheets over. If you have nowhere to hang the sheets, use the lowest possible setting of the clothes dryer


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