Photoshop CS4

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What Is Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the best software for graphics out there. My first taste of photoshop was probably around 1999 when I had taken a computer art class at college. I’ve tried other programs, but I still run back to photoshop as there is no better program than photoshop. Gimp is close, but photoshop does far more than gimp does. If you are still running photoshop 5.0 or earlier, gimp would be a good addition. I’d still advise you if you can afford it, to upgrade to latest photoshop as you are missing out on some great things. I know because I used to use that version. Now I run photoshop CS3 and I plan on upgrading to CS4 soon enough.

Why Should I Buy It?

You must be asking me why you should buy buy Photoshop when it is so darn expensive and that there are other graphics programs out there that are either cheaper or free. Let me tell you, I have tried them and that just were not as great as photoshop is and it seems to be the norm for everyone to use photoshop. It is well worth the price. Photoshop has more bells and whistles than the rest. If you not sold on that, go to adobe’s website and download the trial version and you can see for yourself on how great it is.


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