How Bukisa can make you more money for your article content!

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If you’ve been on other freelance writing websites for some time, you may have heard or received an invitation to a Bukisa link or

I’ve recently signed up with Bukisa at the request of some of my friends on eHow, and I’ve done the math!  I’m making much more money on Bukisa and the funds are added up accurately and in a timely manner.  Here’ how you can do the same.

Click on my link:

When you get to my webpage you can sign up under my network, it will get you started and help me as well, since I made the recommendation.

Start reading peoples articles and rating them and submitting your own.  This is the same as on eHow but you don’t have to spend the time chatting and networking, which some people don’t really have time or like to do.  Again the reading and rating is just like on this site.

Make friends.  This is a bit different from eHow, as you simply add friends as you visit their member pages.  You don’t have to wait for them to add you as a friend or to respond to your friend request.  This is great!  They can however delete you as a friend if they want to.

Next comment on different articles, this will let the members on the site know that you’ve been to their page and they will likely reciprocate.  Again you don’t have to comment, but it’s a good way to stay visible and let people know that you have been to their page.

Bukisa is unique in that there is not really a way to leave personal messages for individuals, you just read their articles and you don’t waste much time trying to respond to everyone, which can get to be a lot when you get over 200 friends.  I’m finding that out now on eHow.  Too many friends and just not enough time to devote to them all! 🙁

Do some Learning.  Actually read some of the articles and you’ll be surprised at what you learn.  You can save articles to your favorites and you can also share the articles immediately with others.  If you are on other social networking sites, there is the opportunity to invite those members to visit your member page.

Add up the funds you get on a daily basis and compare it to eHow.  Especially if you’re a new eHow member, you’ll see that the funds add up much more quickly on Bukisa.  You can even post the articles you have already written on eHow.  So please pay a visit to my member page and save me as a friend to get started.  It’s always appreciated if you can read and rate my articles and I will reciprocate.  My link follows and is under the resource below:

Let’s make more money!


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