How to Earn Easy Cash in This Economy

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Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • At least 18 years of age, for safety.
  • A Robe
  • Slippers or socks
  • Public or private transportation

Step 11
Look up your local area college on the internet or your phone company’s phone book. Be sure to Call the college’s Fine Arts Department and ask for the Model Coordinator. Also, ask the model Coordinator’s Name, for professionalism on your part. Look at the Model Coordinator like he or she is your boss. It is this person who essentially hires you and then gets you your jobs. You will do the most verbal contact with the Model Coordinator throughout your time working as an art model at that college. The model coordinator is also the one who you turn in your time sheet too and they turn it in to the college for you to get pay checks. Colleges already have a set amount of how much you get per hour.
When you speak to the Model Coordinator on the phone, the first question you want to ask that person is if the Fine Art’s Department is in need of models. The model coordinator will either tell you “yes” or “no”.
If the model coordinator states no, tell them that you are interested in modeling if perhaps an art model cancels or does not show up at a job. If you do say that you are interested if any art model cancels, you need to read step 2 of this only (not other steps). If you do not want to wait until an art model cancels, please stop reading this article. Thank you.
The next thing you should say, or even before you ask if the fine arts department is in need of art models, tell the model coordinator just something like you are interested in doing this and why – remember the coordinator is your boss for all general purposes.
The model coordinator will then ask you what your schedule is like and what hours you can and cannot work. He or She will also ask you questions like your age and race and gender. Your boss asks you this because an art teacher may ask or need a specific requirement for their student’s assignment for a specific job. The Model Coordinator will also ask you if you prefer to model with either clothes on, and or nude. These questions are just to help your coordinator with booking you for jobs in the classes.

Step 22
Before you start your first job, you need to physically go to the college. You will need to go to the Office of Admissions or else the Model Coordinator’s office. For legal reasons to start a job at the college, you need to fill out a W-2 form and all.
Filling out employment papers in order to get paid does technically make you an employee of the school. You will be a faculty member of sorts. Now, you work for that college, but most of the time this employment opportunity does not come with employee benefits.

Step 33
Go get your time sheet at the model cordinator’s office. Their office will most likely be in the fine arts building. Then, go to your job(s). Jobs for Fine Art classes of the Fine Arts Department. They range from a minimum of 2.5 hours to 6 or 8 hours PER DAY. And like I already said, you get paid by the hour. You then need to get the teacher to sign your time sheet. After you get dressed and ready to leave for the day, go to the model cordinator’s office and turn in your time sheet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear your robe and socks or slippers on your breaks. The floor WILL be dirty.
  • Arrive 20 minutes early if you can. This way, you will find where you will be posing; you will find the bathroom to get changed; and you can also speak to the teacher in order to get a feel of the day ahead of you.
  • A usual job will be posing for 20 minutes then break for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You have the right to have a Space Heater. Every art room has at least one space heater.
  • Cold packs or cold sodas are great to roll up and down your limbs when you have your breaks. You will need that for you will be with needles or numbness, depending how long you pose before each break.
  • Strech and do some simple excersises during EVERY BREAK. Do this WITH EVERY joint in your body. I think that is the key for being able to pose for a long time, beyond 20 minutes, without feeling needles.
  • BEFORE you break for the first time, its a great idea to have the teacher tape the outline of your pose. You could also ask the teacher to tape things like where your hand was EXACTLY and so fourth. This way, it won’t be hard to get into the original pose.
  • Don’t do private sessions. Students will come up to you asking you to pose for them alone. For safty of yourself, don’t do this.
  • Don’t make comments of student’s works. The only one to comment should be the teacher.
  • For safty reasons, teachers SHOULD NOT leave you alone in the room when you modeling.
  • Props are esstenial. And what I mean by props are pillows and sheets and blankets and poles and maybe chairs. Its for safty and comfort for you. I hadd a job where I was rushed to the ICU and in the ICU for five days because I fell and fractured my skull. I was not given Workmen’s Comp either. So I had to file a lawsuit.
  • Students do not touch the model. If you need to be toucxhed, like a strain of your hair is not in the right spot or if a clothing’s fold is not the right way after a break, then the teacher will recorrect it.

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