How to Slowplay With Facebook Poker Chips to Draw In Your Opponents in Texas Holdem

Nothing beats the feeling of flopping the nuts in Facebook poker. You know you have everyone beat, but you don’t want to scare them off. Now you need to change up your game, and attempt to slow play your monster to win the most facebook poker chips. The aim of the game is get the most value out of your hand. Slow playing, or trapping, as it’s often called, is a fantastic play in which you’re in complete and utter control of the table in facebook poker. But don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have a made hand (a hand in which you can’t lose,) there is a chance your opponents could draw into the superior hand. So there is some danger involved, but realize almost nothing in poker is risk-free and it’s always prudent to protect your facebook texas holdem poker chips.

Slow playing in Facebook or Zynga poker isn’t too effective if your opponents can just walk away from their hands. They have to have some investment from pre-flop action. For example, if everyone just limped in to take a gander at the flop, and you flop the nuts, there is a good chance that everyone will check-fold their way to the river. Slow playing is your only option here. Sure, you may get a bit if you propose a moderate bet on the flop, but you’re crippled by the lacking pot size. Slow playing all your good hands is a great way to lose facebook poker chips. If you don’t have the absolute nuts, value betting right off the bat is often the best move you can make.

For example, if you go in with KQ and hit your king—don’t slow play, especially if they called a hefty raise pre-flop. If an ace hits the turn or river, chances are you’re doomed. This doesn’t mean go ballistic with your top pair, but it does mean propose a moderate bet to see where you are in the hand. Another factor in the success of slow playing, is the fact your opponent needs some kind of hand. They either need to fish for a better hand, or have some sort of hand on the flop. The key is getting them to tag along for the ride, ultimately busting them on the river. If you succeed, the shock value may put them on tilt, letting you siphon more facebook, myspace or zynga poker chips from them later on.

Slow playing is only effective under certain circumstances and in moderation, lest you risk losing your entire stack of facebook poker chips with careless play. But when done properly, it will likely bust the opposition. It’s a double edged sword though—if you slow play anything other than the absolute nuts, you risk being outdrawn, which will likely bust you instead. Keep this in mind, and enjoy the shock value of outplaying your friends and family in Facebook poker when you showdown with a straight flush.

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