Make Business Card With Ms.Word

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Need a business card in a short time? Word processing applications can help create one for you. Design is simple, but you can still make them appear professional.

The steps is not complicated. You use the dialog box Envelopes and Labels. To be more interesting, you can insert an image with the facilities and create Insert rim (border) style.

Business cards can be printed directly or stored first design to be printed later. If you are unsure with the ability of the printer you have, take only the files you design a business card to the nearest printing.

Of course more fun when you have a reliable printer. You buy paper and print the works of your own home.

In the following brief tutorial, we use Microsoft Word 2003.

1.Open Word program. On the Tools menu, select Letters and Mailings and click Envelopes and Labels.

2.Click Labels tab. In the Address box, enter the information you want to show the card name, such as your name and position, company name, address and phone number and e-mail address.

3. Now, let’s set the font and text position on the card. Right-click in the Address box to display the shortcut menu. Click the font or paragraph. Set type, font size and appearance, and location of the text.

4. Leave the default option in the Print: Full page of the same label. With the option selected in the circumstances, you can print multiple sheets at a time card in a special sheet of paper for business cards (Avery main product).

5. Click Options and under Printer information, select the type of printer you use. While the products under the label, leave the default setting is (Avery Standard).

6. Select the card number in the Product number. Select one of the type (Type) Business Cards available.

7. Click Details button to display the dialog box type a name card that you select. Through this dialog box you can set the size of sheets of paper to print the card. In the Page size, click the list box and select the size kertasnya, for example, A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).

8. Changes in the size of this requires you to fill in the name of the label name. Click OK and your card will be included as part of the category Other / Custom by Word. Click OK again to exit the Label Options dialog box.

9. If you want to directly print the card, insert a sheet of paper to the printer and click the button in the Print dialog box Envelopes and Labels.

10. However, if you want to save the card design and print some day, press the New Document. Word will display your business cards (Word Labels give the name in the document that has not been saved). Click Save in the toolbar.



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