SWG Trader Guide for Beginners A Tutorial on the Crafting Class in the Star Wars Galaxies Universe

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Jedis, Bounty Hunters and Smugglers capture the romance of George Lucas’s creation in Star Wars Galaxies, but they are not the only character classes available. A unique feature of the Sony Online Entertainment’s science fantasy mmorpg is that not all of the classes in the game are geared towards combat. The trader in Star Wars Galaxies makes the goods that all character classes need.

Traders produce the goods used by other players in Star Wars Galaxies. The droids, weaponry, armor, and spaceships that players use to bring the player made goods to the stores of the Star Wars galaxy are all made by the trader class. The trader class is the best option for players who enjoy crafting items in MMORPGs.

Leveling up as a Trader in Star Wars Galaxies

The most important thing to do for a trader to level up in his chosen Star Wars Galaxies profession is to make trade goods. As a character progresses in his career as a trader, he can choose one of four specializations each with its own focus. The four trader specializations are Domestic goods, which allows a player to produce food, drinks, clothing, household items, structures used to produce buildings, munitions used to produce weaponry, and engineering used to produce many of the technical marvels that pervade Star Wars Galaxies.

Starting as a Trader for Beginners

Star Wars Galaxies offers each class beginning quests that will help the class get started. Different quests are offered depending where a character starts. Star Wars trader characters that start on Tatooine help Han Solo repair his ship, The Millennium Falcon.

As tempting as it may be for traders who have experience with the game to skip the tutorial for traders, a trader character that completes the beginning tutorial in Star Wars Galaxies earns 1,000 credits and materials needed for many of the Star Wars Galaxies trade skills.

Leveling as a Trader in Star Wars Galaxies

The most important thing to remember in this online video game is that leveling a trader requires the player to craft items. A trader can sell these items in his own store on on the auction houses that can be found in major cities. The more items a character produces, the more experiences he gains. The trick to leveling a trader is to figure out which items will get him to the next level the fastest.

The trader may not be the most glamorous occupation for a character in a Star Wars video game, but it is one class that all other professions in Sony’s MMORPG rely on. The trader profession also brings in a good source of income for a trader character that can be used for twinking their other Star Wars Galaxies characters. Fortunately, the game has one of the best trade skill systems in existence and it is not hard to figure out what a character needs to make a specific product.


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