Have the fullest in live. How to be your best in your own life

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1. Get a chance! grab it! Do it! 

because opportunity doesn’t knock twice, do as much as you can, you will get more

 2. Positive thinking

always free your mind from worries. You’ll get nothing if you do nothing

3. Gives more, expect less

Nothing is useless when u do something nice for others. You can start with a small thing : smile! give smile for others in the       morning. you will be surprised with the effect that you do for that.

4. Nothing is boring

Put your heart into everything. If you feel so boring then go play a while with kids or accompany old people

5. BIG dream

Believe in yourself. nothing is impossible. like a famous  quote “try to shoot d moon, if it miss, at least it will land among d stars” (some words I have changed little bit :p)

So if you want to reach, reach the highest. If you miss, at least, you will get something in the process.

6. Life is a Learning

Everything you get is for your character. whether it’s a bad things or good things


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