How to Quit Drinking Soda

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For some soda lovers it seems like quitting drinking pop soda is impossible. Some people like me could not even eat without drinking diet coke or diet pepsi. Thirst is only relieved by soda. We all know how bad it is for our health and yet we are too addicted that we don’t care what the consequence is. Don’t despair, there is a way to quit and it’s not as hard as we thought its going to take.
Here are the steps I did to quit drinking Soda.

1. Think of big reason why you want to quit drinking soda and make it your inspiration. I have 2 big reasons: 1. I desperately want to lose weight and I associate soda why I gained weight.2.I need to pay off a credit card and every penny I save is very important. If you drink soda everyday and every meal you will save a lot of money in 1 month. Every time I have cravings for soda I always think about my two big reasons for wanting to quit. You can also think about other disadvantages of drinking soda and use that as inspiration.

2. Find an alternative with soda. I started with orange juice, then after I got used to orange juice, I mix 50% water and 50% orange juice. Now I can just drink water and not even thinking about soda. For all soda lovers you know how the craving is. Water could not relieve thirst. But now I’m completely fine just drinking water. It only takes few weeks or months and before you knew it, you are already fine without soda.

3. Set a price for your goal. Mine is the dollars I saved for not drinking soda. And I weigh my self everyday. If I’m gaining weight or not loosing weight the more I become determined to stop drinking soda. It worked. I couldn’t believe its going to happen but I it did.
Good luck quitting with soda. If I made it I’m sure you can do it too.


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