Pass NCLEX with Self Study Only.Just a TIP for Those Who Can’t Attend Review Class

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Studying for the NCLEX can be nerve-racking. There are so many information to learn and  very little time to study. It’ s difficult to discern where to begin, and studying seems to be never ending. Oftentimes you still feel like you are never going to be prepared to take the NCLEX despite of all the endeavor and energy you put in.

Students often go to Nursing Review Center such as Kaplan, Lippincot and Hesi Review as the most common route to prepare for  NCLEX although a nursing review center is not always feasible for all the students. There are different approach how to pass the NCLEX. One way is to study on your own.Here is a self study plan that you can utilize to pass the NCLEX.

1. Create a realistic Plan.
When Do you plan to take the test?
How much study time do you have everyday?

2. Breakdown all the subject of NURSING by system,
Divide it by the number of days you are available to study.
This will give you a hint how much time do you need to study.
Allow 3 extra day to practice answering 265 questions in 6 hours.
This will help prepare you mentally and physically for the the test day.
Don”t forget to include rest day to give your brain time to rest.

3. Pick study materials you will use. Use only practice questions books or CD. Use text book only for reference. You already read the book while you were in school. What you need now is practice answering questions. You don’t have plenty of time to read your book again. PRACTICE PRACTICE is what is important

4. Create a daily plan. Don’t forget to include eating time and rest time. Include break time and
running errands. If possible minimize doing other things. Remember focus focus focus. Ask
other member of the family to help you. And don’t forget to get enough sleep and eat well.

5. Answer 150-300 questions everyday, One subject /topic per day. (Use a computer to get
used answering questions in the computer. Don’t forget to read rationale. If you do this, you
will learn 150-300 things everyday x the number of days you studied. It will help you boost
your confidence taking the test. The minimum number of practice question you should do is

6. Document your score everyday. If you still have enough time, go back to the subject with the
lowest score and practice more.

7. Don’t study the day before the test. Use it to calm your self and to relax.

8. Don’ t forget to PRAY.

9. Now you are ready. Sleep well and eat before going to the test center.


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