How to Remove a Sticker or Label.

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One easy way to take small price stickers off is to take a piece of scotch tape and place it on top of the sticker. Next, take your thumbnail and rub the tape vigorously. Then in one quick motion yank the tape and the sticker should come off with it. Easy see.

For larger stickers that scotch tape just won’t work on you can also use a plastic scraper or razor blade. I prefer the plastic scraper because it is a bit safer but the same method can be used for both. You take the pointed end of the scraper and gently push it underneath the corner of the sticker. Then slowly push until you are able to lift up the corner of the sticker enough to pull it off. If it won’t come off that easily just use the scraper to get as much of it off as possible.

Finally, if there is any residue leftover from the sticker on the item you purchased you can use the tape method again to get the small bits up. If there is any stickiness left then just take a little bit of Goo Gone, not too much it can get messy, on a paper towel and gently rub it into the residue and then wipe it off. It is that easy


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