Safer Surfing with WOT

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If your like me you like to surf the web. Unfortunately I’m finding more and more websites seem to be infected with spyware or viruses. I have virus and spyware protection yet somehow still manage to pick up malicious programs.

I stumbled upon a nifty little download the other day. It is called WOT or Web of Trust. It is a security add on that you can get for your browser. There are downloads available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I have experienced no problems with the add on or my computer since downloading. You can download the add on from here

The way WOT works is after you download the add on you will see a colored cirlce when you do an internet search. There are five color codings. Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, and Green. With red being the highest risk associated with a site. Grey means the site has not been rated yet. Each site that has been given a rating is rated on trustworthyness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety. Should you stumble across a risky site a warning box will come up asking you if you want to continue. I especially like the fact that even links in my emails are given a rating of safety.

I was really surprised after installing the add on and then searching at how many risky sites I was visiting. To date 21,502,289 websites have been rated and 1,507,854 carry a dangerous rating. If you do a lot of searching, have teens or kids who surf the internet I would highly recommend using this add on.


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