How to outsource your blog writing

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If you’re out to try to make money writing your blog, the time will eventually come when you want to consider outsourcing your blog writing. When you outsource your blog writing, you free up your own time to focus on other aspects of your blog, such as monetization, or on other endeavors, such as starting another blog. Knowing when and how to outsource your blog writing effectively can make the difference between the success and the failure of your blog.

Knowing when the best time to outsource your blog writing is important. You may find, for example, that your blog has developed a loyal following of a couple thousand RSS or email subscribers. However, if your blog isn’t yet making any money, you shouldn’t probably start outsourcing your blog writing just yet.

Instead, you want to wait until you’re showing a regular profit before you outsource your blog writing. You want to see a regular pattern of income, so that you can be sure your writing expenses are covered. Otherwise, you’re going to be sinking money into an endeavor that may not ever turn a profit.

Once you’ve decided that it’s a good time to outsource, you need to choose someone to write your blog. You can hire Internet writers to write your blog for anywhere from $3 to over $100 per 300-word blog post. While it usually isn’t necessary to hire someone at the very high end, it also isn’t usually wise to hire someone at the low end, either. Somewhere around $30 per 300-word post will usually get you the kind of high-quality blog posts you need in order to continue the growth of your blog.

You need to outsource your blog writing to someone who can write well. They need to be able to reproduce the formula you’ve used in your blog writing up until this point. If not, you’re likely to lose readers, and lose them fast. Pick someone who has an attractive blogging portfolio, and don’t be afraid to ask for references.

Once you’ve chosen a blog writer, you need to decide whether you want the writer to upload the material to your blog directly or whether you want to have them send it to you. There are benefits to both methods, of course, but it usually boils down to how comfortable you are with the writer and how much you trust them to be able to post the material in a competent and a secure manner.

With a little forethought and some effort in finding the right writer, you can outsource your blog writing and continue to grow your blog at the same time.


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