How to earn recursive income from writing articles for Helium

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Whether you know it or not, there is potential to earn recursive income from writing articles for Helium. When you publish an article to Helium, you can earn money through upfront payments, through the empty title bonus, through contests, or even through the marketplace. However, you may not realize that you can also earn recursive income from writing articles for Helium.

Here is how earning recursive income from writing articles for Helium works. Each article you publish at Helium helps to draw traffic to the site. As visitors come to Helium and read your articles, some of them will click on the advertisements on the pages. When they do, advertisers pay Helium for those referrals. Helium then shares that revenue with you, the article’s writer.

The amount of money you earn depends almost entirely on the amount of income that Helium earns from your article. An article in an unpopular target, for example, many not earn much recursive income. On the other hand, an article in a popular topic but one where there aren’t many paying advertisers may not earn much either.

The trick to earning recursive income from writing articles for Helium is picking the right topics, writing the articles in such a way that they will be read, and then promoting those articles. These things aren’t always easy, and there’s quite a bit of guesswork involved.

First, you have to find out which topics have paying advertising campaigns. You can do this through Google’s keyword tracking tool for AdWords, or you can do it through a program like WordTracker. There are even sites that will do keyword and topic research for you, in order to help you figure out which topics are going to earn the most recursive income.

Once you have a good topic, you have to get people to read your article. One way to do that is to write the article using Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques. Essentially, SEO has to do with the quantity and placement of keywords within your articles. If you’re going to earn recursive income writing articles for Helium, you’re going to have to need at least a rudimentary understanding of SEO.

You can also increase your recursive earnings by promoting your articles. Social networking tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, can help you get the word out about your Helium articles, and help to increase your recursive income.

After a while, you’ll begin to get a good feel for which types of topics seem to make money at Helium, as well as for which promotional and SEO techniques seem to pay off the most.


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